Who we are

Anthony Hilton - a qualified economist, and P&G marketeer before becoming a commercials producer in agencies and production houses in over 12 countries worldwide - founded the first German advertising and production cost consultancy, AHC, in Hamburg some 20 years ago.

Initially concentrating on classical advertising platforms, the company later included multi-channel advertising within its consulting scope. Over time AHC has widened its expertise base to include the planning and implementation of international versioning, the negotiation of agency fees and contracts and a number of other related activities.

The consultancy is active across Europe drawing on a team of recognised production consultants in most major markets within and beyond Europe

Our philosophy

  • To strive for transparency and effective cost & process management.
  • To be hard but fair in our negotiations.
  • To understand and respect the creative process.
  • To understand our client’s. needs and to add value

Our mission

  • To work with our clients their agencies and their suppliers to achieve the best possible financial results, so that return on marketing investment is maximised.
  • To ensure that resources are spent properly and that the production process operates efficiently.