"I'm inspired by Anthony Hilton Consulting because they permit us produce film and print ads at the right price. This allows us to concentrate on the creative content of our advertising. I can only therefore completely recommend AHC and wish, above all, to commend their integrity and transparency.“ Jürgen Herrmann, Director, Marketing, Ritter Sport
"Anthony Hilton combines listening skills with a fierce determination to do the right thing for his client's business. This makes any negotiation a triumph of common sense and business acumen with both parties getting a good outcome. He has the sharpest mind of any cost controller I have worked with." Daryl Fielding, Marketing Director Vodafone UK
"Within my responsibility for brands like Mazola, Weihenstephan, Knorr, Hochland, Anthony Hilton has been - and after 20 years is still for me - an important guide through the jungle of advertising relationships and production. Whether agency contract, TV and print production cost negotiations, controlling or guidelines, he knows all the angles and can achieve significant cost savings...." Thomas Brunner, Vorstand Hochland Deutschland GmbH
"Anthony Hilton is correctly regarded as one of the most experienced consultants in the area of TV and print Production. He has advised me for over 15 years and it's always a good feeling when one has such an expert on side.“ Volker Baltes, Managing Director, Nestlé/Herta Deutschland
"I have known Anthony Hilton and worked with his consultancy for 17 years. During this time, in addition to its original core business of production consulting and cost controlling, AHC has provided seminars and workshops and has produced production guidelines for various UL offices in Europe. Anthony himself has played a leading role in the development and implementation of complex global adaption systems, and advised on every imaginable kind of contract. Finally he has successfully negotiated agency fees locally regionally, and globally. AHC is dedicated to serving its clients. I can only recommend them.“ Klaus Arntz, formerly Global Vice President, Dove